CustomShip can be installed by following regular Shopify application install procedures.

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In order to use CustomShip, you MUST have a plan that supports "Third-party calculated shipping rates". This feature allows the use of custom shipping rates from third party applications.

It is possible to add the real-time carrier feature by:

  1. Upgrading to Advanced Shopify or Shopify Plus
  2. Change Shopify billing cycle to "Yearly"
  3. Add feature to existing plan for an $20/month

Options 2 and 3 require contacting Shopify Support



CustomShip works by creating custom shipping rates that are restricted to certain orders using "Limits" and "Filters". These limits and filters are user specified rules that give you fine grained control on your shipping charges.



Limits are simple conditions that allow you to restrict your rates based on weight or cost. When specifying limits, always use the lowest unit of your currency and weight system. Cents for US, pence for UK, etc.

This image shows how a user can limit a rate by specifying minimum and/or maximum weight and price.



Filters allow you to further restrict your shipping rates by checking if a field matches against a value.

The following image shows how you can specify the field you want to search on (Field), the type of matching available (Verb), and the value that you want to match (Value).

Note: You are able to specify any number of filters but they will be compounded, meaning that all filters must match in order to apply the rate.



The fields available that you are able to restrict on are:

  • Address line 1
  • Address line 2
  • City
  • State/Province
  • Country
  • Zip/Postal Code
  • Company Name
  • Product Name
  • Product SKU
  • Vendor Name


Verbs are the specifying conditions on how to match a Value to a Field

The following list of verbs are available:

Verb Description
Equal Matches when Field = Value
Include Matches when Field contains Value
Exclude Matches when Field does not contain Value
Start with Matches if Field starts with Value
End with Matches if Field ends with Value
Regex Regular expressions are a syntax for specifying text patterns. They can be used to match complex string patterns. More info here.


Note: When using any Product Field (Product Name/Product SKU/Vendor Name) you have the option of matching if ALL items in the cart meet this filter, or if only 1 item in the cart needs to match.



The value specified here will be matched with the Field specified according to the Verb specified


Additional Cost Per Item

Additional Costs Per Item allows you to add flat costs to specific items. They rely on the same FieldVerbValue pattern as filters and has two extra parameters:

Parameter Description
Price The additional flat price to add if the criteria matches
After N items Specifies the minimum quantity number before applying the additional cost

The image below shows how a flat charge of $10 is added if the cart contains more than 3 iPhones



Below are a few walkthrough examples on how you can use CustomShip.

Example #1

Free shipping in Japan up to 1kg and a charge of ¥1,000 for heavier.

Step 1 - Create a rate with the name "Free Shipping"


Step 2 - Set base price to ¥0


Step 3 - Set maximum weight to 1000 grams


Step 4 - Add filter for country code = JP


Step 5 - click 'Save'


Step 6 - Create a rate with the name "Standard Shipping"


Step 7 - Set base price of ¥1,000


Step 8 - Set minimum weight to 1000 grams


Step 9 - Add filter for country code = JP


All Done!


1. Can I use CustomShip with another shipping app?

Yes. All rates in CustomShip will work independently and cannot restrict the other.

2. Can I use rates based upon distance?

No, CustomShip does not support rates based upon distance. You can work around this by filtering costs based upon zip codes.

3. Will CustomShip work without the 3rd Party Shipping Carrier API?

No. Unfortunately this is not possible and is a restriction imported by Shopify.

4.  Can I request a new feature?

Absolutely. We are always open to improvements and want to hear your feedback.

Contact us here.